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About Us
CHARMOUTH TAI CHI groups have been running since 2004 and now have five regular weekly classes in Charmouth, Dorset.   Sessions consist of Qigong exercises followed by instruction in Yang style Tai Chi form.  One group also works on Chen Man Ching Short Form and two groups on the Kung Fu Fan form.

Mondays at The Youth Club Hall, Wesley Close

10.00 am     Continuation Class
11.30 am      Qigong only

 FROM 5TH JUNE 2018 (after half term)

Tuesdays at The Youth Club, Wesley Close

10.00 - 11.15 am.  A new class for complete beginners learning the Beijing 24 Forms from scratch and introduction to Qigong exercises.
Wednesday at The Youth Club Hall

10.00 am   Continuation.  This group also working on Taiji Kung-Fu Fan Form.

11.30 am - 12.45   This group was For Beginners & Less Confident but will now be called 1st Continuation now that students are progressing with the form and getting familiar with Qigong.
Further classes are opened as and when required. Private sessions can be provided to help students catch up with a class or to further their practice - usually before or after their existing class)
We do also have some "social" events for those who wish to join in.

Useful DVDs for home practise:

Professor Li Deyin - The 24 Forms - available from
Professor Li Deyin - Taiji Kung Fu Fan - available as above
Paul Crompton - The (Chen Man Ching) Short Form (Yang).   This is currently only available on VHS (not DVD) and  is useful as a reminder of the "choreography" of the basic Short Form.*
Angus Clark - Move For Your Life - 21 Tai Chi and Qigong Exercises for Vitality & The Moutain Top Qigong.  Most of the exercises on this DVD were introduced at Angus's day workshop with us.   From Living Movement website and Now available  also from Amazon.*
Angus Clark - Tai Chi with Angus Clark.  2 disc DVD plus Tai Chi Audio Guide with Tai Chi Music. Cheng Man-Ching/ Dr Chi Chiang-Tao Short Forms.

Also there are many utube clips to help you along with your home practise.
CDs used as background to Qi Gong exerciese:
Elements of Rejuvenation - Qi Gong Energy Healing*
Mantra - John Richardson with Dwaraka (New World Music)*
Temple in the Forest - Higher Consciousness Music by David Neagle (New World Music)*
Buddhist Chants & Peace Music - Music for Reflection & Relaxation from the Far East*
(Chill out) Mantras Mind Body & Soul
More Music & instructions with which to practise -
Yi Jin Jing (Muscle and tendon stretching and strengthening)
Wu Qin Xi (Five Animal Frolics
Ba Duan Jin (The eight treasures/brocades)
Tai Ji Yang Sheng Zhang - (Taiji Stick)
The above 4 CDs available
Delicate Touch
Sacred Gift
The Journey Series, Volume 1, Healing
The Journey Series, Volume 2, Stillness
and other Cds by Neil H (available from website Neil H Music where you can hear tracks before you buy))
* these are currently available
Useful links (for any equipment, DVDs, books, CDs - shoes etc) (Masters Faye and Tary Yip)
About Qigong (Chi kung )
CHI - most easily described in words as "life force"- is the essential energy for a healthy life.   In the Qigong exercises performed in these sessions, emphasis is given to relaxed movement and gentle but controlled breathing with complete concentration on the moment.   With slow flowing repetitions of the various graceful but strong exercises we aim to open our joints and meridian paths to  free any blocked chi which can be the cause of disease (dis-ease) or pain and allow our chi to flow smoothly round the body increasing its strength and health.    These graceful and enjoyable movements also relax, improve balance, reduce stress, raise the spirits and boost the immune system.   Practised regularly (ideally daily) they have an immensely beneficial effect on both body and mind. 
The Chinese Health Qigong sets - Yi Jin Jing (Tendon-Muscle Strengthening Exercises),  Ba Duan Jin (the Eight Treasures), Wu Qin Xi (The Five Animal Play) and the more recently introduced Tai Chi Stick form  are taught  together with the 18 qigongs.  These exercises have been handed down from ancient China. and reintroduced by the Chinese Health Qigong Association.  The earliest description of the exercises is found in a History of the Han Dynasy almost 2,000 years ago.   A brocade painting was unearthed in the 1970s from an ancient tomb with illusrations of the prototypes of the basic movements of the current Yi Jin exercises.    For more information see the Chinese Health Qigong website.

In a nutshell - qigong makes you feel good!
About Tai Chi (Chuan)
Tai Chi (Chuan) is a combination of mental and physical exercise based on Chinese martial art practices and taught in these classes as a holistic form of exercise but with attention to application where necessary.   The movements are very precise and have many benefits including concentration, memory, breathing, strength (particularly in the legs), balance, flexibility, the immune system and over time regular practice helps to lower blood pressure.   Built on the foundation of qigong, Tai Chi tends to raise the mood and regular Tai Chi players find that they end a session feeling both relaxed and energised.  Great attention is given to the importance of performing the movements correctly and therefore safely.
Yang style is taught in these classes starting with the Beijing 24 Forms and, in some groups, also practising the Cheng Man Ching short form and with introduction to a simple fan form.
The movements are practised to a suitable calming musical background where appropriate.
About the Instructor
Pam Ladd - a tai chi devotee for over 25 years having studied with several very experienced teachers in the UK, other European countries and China.   Still training and increasing own knowledge - the tai chi journey never ends!  Qualified as Instructor at Training Courses specifically for the Chinese Health Qi Gong exercise sets.    Trained for  7 years at Tai Chi Caledonia and in August 2009  visited Shanghai for the International Health Qi Gong Festival for competition and workshops.  October 2010 to Beijing and other centres in China for further training and again in October 2011, 2012, and 2014.  Taught in Camberley, Surrey, for about 2 years before moving to Charmouth in 2003.   Certified Instructor for the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain and fully qualified to teach The Chinese Health Qigongs..  Fully insured.
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